Language Courses

Scioglilingua organizes “tailor-made” language courses, analyzing the student’s needs and expectations in order to draw up a training agreement.

The school promotes ludic, interactive and intercultural didactics, Total Physical Response, cooperative learning, the use of “other” means such as art, theatre, cinema, movement and music to teach a foreign language. Interactive and inductive learning is considered innovative in the Modena area, where didactics based on the teacher doing most of the talking and a passive, top-down style of teaching still prevail. Through ludic and operational didactics, the student learns a new language, becoming a “craftsman”, in accordance with the learning by doing principle, thus obtaining a rapid, effective, longlasting acquisition of knowledge. Scioglilingua collaborates with a cohesive group of graduate and/or specialized and mother-tongue teachers with a background in humanities, languages and the arts, with experience in teaching and in working in various educational contexts, including state and private schools, universities, and companies in Italy and abroad. Teamwork could be considered as being a further innovative element at Scioglilingua; it allows our teachers to create methodological tools together and share didactic approaches and strategies. Furthermore, continuity, substitutions in the case of illness etc. (with experts of the same standard), organization and efficiency are guaranteed.

Our courses:

Intensive courses

Non-intensive courses

Courses which aim to prepare you for exams leading to language certificates

On-line courses

Apéritifs in various languages and Tea Time