Language Certificates

Scioglilingua Examination Centre, in agreement with the CVCL (Centre for Evaluation and Language Certification of the University for Foreigners of Perugia), is authorized to issue CELI (General Italian) language certificates.

CELI (Certificates of knowledge of the Italian Language) are certificates of general Italian aimed at adults who have been educated to secondary school level or above.  The certificates certify competence and ability in the use of the language and can be used in work and study environments. CELI are separated into 3 specific types: CELI Immigrants, CELI Adolescents, and CELI 5 DOC. For more information: CELI.

The exam sessions for the CELI in General Italian, are scheduled as follows:
Spring Session in March for the first 4 levels (A1-B2);
Summer Session in June for all 6 levels (A1-C2);
Autumn Session in November for all 6 levels (A1-C2).
The dates of the CELI Adolescents exam sessions (A2-B2) and CELI Immigrants exam sessions (A1-B1) change every year and therefore have to be looked up every year on the Certification website:

2015 Exams Sessions:
• 7th March 2015 session (CELI) _ Closing date for enrolments:
30th January 2015
• 25th May 2015 session (CELI immigrants) _ Closing date for enrolments:
10th April 2015
• 30th May 2015 session (CELI Adolescents) _ Closing date for enrolments:
17th April 2015
• 22nd June 2015 session (CELI) _ Closing date for enrolments:
08th May 2015
• 23rd November 2015 session (CELI) _ Closing date for enrolments: 09th November 2015

Enrolment fee for any CELI level: €100.00.
Students and adult immigrants enrolled on Italian courses offered by CTP:
CELI Impact i: € 15,38 | CELI 1 i: € 30,00 | CELI 2 i: € 35,00
For CELI Adolescents exams, taken by students enrolled at our centre:
CELI 1 a: € 30,00 | CELI 2 a: € 35,00 | CELI 3 a: € 40,00;
For all external candidates: €100.00.

Applications must be submitted using the form from our office. At the same time as submitting the application and in order to complete the application process, applicants must pay the exam fee via a bank transfer to:

SCIOGLILINGUA società cooperativa sociale _ Via Rainusso, 144-41124 Modena, Italy
IBAN: IT49N0503466920000000014068

On the day of the exam you have to bring along a € 14.62  revenue stamp in order to subsequently be able to obtain the certificate issued by the University for Foreigners of Perugia

Enrolment forms available here:


•It is strongly discouraged for children under twelve years of age to enroll for a CELI exam.
•It is strongly discouraged for children aged twelve to thirteen to sit an exam higher than the CELI 2 level.
•For teenagers aged 13 to 18 there will be a special exam in May each year.  The format of the exam will not change but the content will.
•You are not allowed to enroll for more than one examination level in the same session.