Company courses

Scioglilingua offers learning opportunities aimed at businesses as we believe in continuing education for adults, with a student-centred approach.

What we offer
• LANGUAGE COURSES: Modules (tailored to the business’ needs) starting at 40 hours in mother-tongue English, French, Spanish, German, Portugese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. All levels are available (the students’ level is tested by our mother-tongue teachers at the beginning of the course and students are divided into groups in order to avoid forming classes which contain mixed levels).

ITALIAN COURSES SUCH AS ‘L2’ AND ‘ITALIAN FOR SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE’: Modules (tailored to the business’ needs) starting at 40 hours in ‘Italian as a second language’, for every level and every requirement, with the possibility of a specific course focused on the terminology of safety in the workplace.

PHILOSOPHY FOR COMPANIES: Courses to improve the atmosphere within a company and develop creativity and awareness.

ARTISTIC/CREATIVE WORKSHOPS: The arts can help you to express your creativity in a business setting too, releasing tension and anxiety and improving self-esteem, and to experience extraordinary situations which lead to cohesion and team spirit. Modules start at 20 hours and include: theatre, theatre in a foreign language (with a double didactic goal), set design, how to draw comics, arts and crafts, drawing, painting

If you’re interested in any of our courses, Scioglilingua will send you specific, organized plans. It would then be of fundamental importance for us to meet with the head of Human Resources in order for us to agree, as far as possible, on a route that meets our client’s expectations so that we can work side by side.

Thanks to our “team” of teachers, Scioglilingua is able to reach even the farthest premises, guaranteeing professionalism, continuity, substitution in the case of illness etc., organization and efficiency.

For more information please contact our office.