What they say about us

A very good overall score for the set-up of the course. Well managed level and always flexible but still challenging. Good combination of games, exercises, listening, reading and so on… Good focus for a beginner like me. Everything went well. I would highly recommend the school to other people.” Daniel, Sweden (Italian Language and Culture course)

“I liked the course a lot. It was great fun talking to the teacher!”  Eva, Austria (Italian Language and Culture course)

“The teachers were really nice.” Maya, Austria (Italian Language and Culture course)

“Speaking just in English was very helpful. The teacher was very good, very clear in her explanations and very very very very patient. I would definitely want her again for another course as it was a really good experience.” Luca (English Course)

“I always felt challenged. The course was tailor-made so I can’t be anything other than enthusiastic about it. I agree with the teacher that in an hour and a half you can get more done but, unfortunately, for work reasons, I could only manage an hour each time. At any rate, the time we had available was made the most of, without digressions that would have wasted precious time. The length of the course (20 hours) seemed appropriate; I found my level had improved by the end of it. My teacher was well prepared, professional, and very patient. I’m satisfied with the whole experience I had at Scioglilingua.” Cinzia (English Course)

“I appreciated the coherence of the topics proposed by the teacher with my request to deal with purely economic matters. Furthermore, I appreciated the teacher’s willingness to discuss any topics I chose and to research topics I requested so that we could then tackle them together.”  Federica (English course)

“I was very satisfied with Sciogilingua, both in terms of the helpful and professional staff and the quality of the course.” Giulia (Portuguese course)

“I had an excellent teacher who was very helpful and kind. It was great to have both hard copy material and listening tests on the computer.”  Francesca (Swedish course)